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No Need for Submitting a Website to Search Engines

Submitting a website to search engines is now just a waste of time because search engines have over the years grown beyond the point of getting notifications directly whenever a new website or page is created. That time was years ago when a website was recommended to be submitted to major search engines.

These days submissions to search engines happen automatically, so there is no need to submit a website to search engines. However, even now several of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies have been doing the same process for a fee on submitting websites to big search engines like Google and Bing. But the myth of site submission to search engines is still there, and if paying companies to submit a business site to search engines, then the paying part is just good for nothing. The paying part only appears in the paid listings sections or advertisement of the search results i.e. pay per click.

Search engines do not take money for a site to be shown in their free search results. They show any website that follows their guidelines pretty leniently without doing any unethical practices.

If a website has become live on the internet, saying that if a website like limo service can be accessed by typing the name of the domain directly into the address bar of a web browser then it’s high likely that it can already be found in search engines.

To say more specifically, SEO is done for a website to appear on the first page so that people could see them instantly to what they are searching for, as normally there are very few chances that people go on to the next or other pages for getting solutions to their search.

If people are searching for something using keywords related to a business website, then the website owner/ handler has to do both on-page SEO (which includes the content and HTML source code of a page for optimization), and off-page SEO (refers to links and other external signals through social sites or advertising more to create quality backlinks), so that the website appears automatically ahead in relation to the typed keywords. The keyword of a site is ranked after search engine algorithms check the website (that includes the assessment of the site’s relevance and authority).

Even if no on and off page SEO is done, a site will still appear on search engines, but the ranking will be way far behind. So SEO helps in speeding up the website’s page rank process, where certain actions can be taken.

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